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September 1st  p5
September 1st  snk


'you're too old for pokemon'

I believe we are called VETERAN TRAINERS, THANK YOU

September 1st  
September 1st  lmao fire emblem
August 31st  pkmn
August 31st  sao


FUCK nintendo (opens my wallet) i CANNOT believe they’re selling this shit (pulls out $150) an entirely new fucking console that’s exactly like the old one (gives money to cashier) all it is is a new fucking button the 3ds doesnt have (goes home with my new 3ds ll) this is fucking bullshit god damn it (buys and plays all the games that come out for it) fuck nintendo

August 31st  
July 26th  free!

had to draw the new qt. click top pic for full view!

super hoping he’s a desert baby like a lotta folks are theorizing.

July 25th  loz